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 Welcome to! 

Hey, you found us! We're yet another group of old guys that sit around making videos and podcasts about retro games because our lives are falling apart! Check out below to see what all we do!

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 Custom Toy Madness   At Earth to Kentucky! 

Ever wanted your own custom Colonel Sanders toy? You've come to the right place


 Metal Gear Solid 3 


In this episode you will believe that three grown men can break down crying over a game.

 Kirby's Dream Course 

This week we pick what we think is a cute golf game and instantly regret it.

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Who Are We?

Jeremy, Jeremy, and Billy make up the Retrovania team, with each one providing their own unique (bad) opinions on classic gaming. 

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Home to all of our video reviews and a selection of podcasts.



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 Get In Touch! 

Wanna ask a question? Or just let us know how much we suck? Then fill out the contact form and send it to us! We promise we'll get back to you!

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